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Friends Only

January 1st, 2020 (04:00 pm)

I Am: : happy
In My Head: : Wishful thinking

Theres been a lot going on recently, I kinda stopped adding when my dad found this...
I will now be updating only as Friend-Only.

I'm not fussy on the friends, so if I don't know you and you want to be added then great, and if I know you and haven't added you thats also okay, just reply to here and say who you are and I'll add.


EDIT: If you are my secret santa/secretpost (I have a few then feel free to post questions here- anon comments on & IP-Log is off) Cheers!

Plymouth Raiders is love

sheep is love

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February 26th, 2006 (03:59 pm)

LJ didn't do it quite as I thought but... anyways...

My new LJ is txteva so everyone add txteva to your flist please!!!!

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